How Does Changing Your Company Name Work For You?

The change of name of a company cannot go on without complying to the requirements for
choosing a company name set by the Registrar of Companies.

Change in Company Name

To the Registrar of Companies (RoC), changing your name is no small matter. As you’ve already incorporated, you’re aware of the rules involved in selecting a name for your company. The same applies for changing your name, too. The procedure is well-defined and to be followed strictly. And just in case you haven’t complied with all RoC requirements, you can’t go ahead with this until you do.

Procedure for Changing Company Name

3 Working Days

You first need the board to pass a resolution selecting the new name of the company. This new name must also be aligned with the guidelines provided by the RoC.

4 Working Days

We will ask for a few documents, which will be needed to get the approval from RoC in this regard. Once the RoC approves, your company can switch to the new name.